What is Backpack Safety America/International™?

1. The world’s first comprehensive response to the need for backpack safety

Parents, teachers, school administrators and health care specialists are increasingly concerned about the issue of children’s health and safety with their backpacks. Widespread media attention is evidence of this growing problem. Backpack Safety America/International™ was created in response to this awareness and concern.

2. A ready-to-use program ideal for parents, students and teachers

An award-winning, entertaining and informative video, colorful brochures and large, full-color posters equip you with the tools for quick and easy presentation. Parent-teacher meetings, school assemblies and faculty gatherings provide ideal settings to share the key concepts of the program.

3. One of many innovative solutions from Body Mechanics, Inc.

While backpack safety is a critical issue for the long-term health of our children, proper posture and healthy ergonomics for future generations are equally important. That’s why Body Mechanics, Inc., creators of Backpack Safety America/International™ have also produced a family of resources specifically designed for early education and intervention. Click here to visit Pete the Posture Parrot™ for more details. Find out more on how you can bring Backpack Safety America/International™ to your school or school district.

One Response to “Why Backpack Safety America?”

  1. Ann Falco 9 December 2016 at 10:38 pm #

    Sadly my chiropractic clinic treats many children with back aches and discomforts from carrying heavy backpacks. Slumped posture and unilateral shifts in shoulder and neck posture are often the result of children carrying heavy backpacks on one shoulder. Encouraging children to carry backpacks using both straps to even the load can help improve children’s posture and development. However, the root cause is backpacks that are too heavy for small children’s developing bodies and neurological systems.

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